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Sorry Thor, I borrowed your hammer to open my beer. I don’t feel any change just yet, but I’m sure it’s coming after a few more of these.

Sorry Thor, I borrowed your hammer to open my beer. I don’t feel any change just yet, but I’m sure it’s coming after a few more of these.

Random Star Wars post #1138

So I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately: What if Yoda had fought Vader and Obi Wan had fought the Emperor instead?

I mean, Obi Wan beat Maul, Grievous and Vader. He would have had a decent chance against the old senator and let’s be honest about this, Yoda couldn’t get the job done.

As much as I love the little green guy, he kinda got his ass handed to him by not only Palpatine but Dooku as well to a degree. If Mace hadn’t gotten dicked over, he’d have killed the Emperor. No doubt about it. He had him dead to rights.
Anakin = douche baggins.

I think Mace was the greatest fighting Jedi. He whipped Palpatine’s wrinkly old ass and barely broke a sweat while his Jedi cohorts were getting skewered by that rad gold lightsaber left and right.

Yeah, Windu was the real chosen one. He was oppressed by the “man” though.

Oh and if you don’t understand this post, how are we friends again?


For the better part of the last four years my life has slowly been circling down the shitter. My social, romantic, and sex life have gone from all time highs to  disparaging lows. I blame my old job but honestly, I’m at fault as well.

I just kinda gave the fuck up at some point although I’m not sure exactly where. Granted, my work life did pretty much fuck my time and ability to interact with other human beings in a normal way. Fifty to sixty hour work weeks tend to do that sorta thing. Not to mention the fact that I’ve gained a little weight back as well. I just feel kinda worthless at this point.

My job took up so much time and it sucked so much that I finally quit about a month ago and have found nothing else to do just yet. It’s hard to find anything worth my time as I live in Mississippi, the state notorious for underpaying wages and fucking over employees left and right. It’s on record about how we’re the lowest on the totem pole when it comes to shitty work place environments and lack of benefits.

I’m just unsure of what to do. I have zero motivation, no self worth, no confidence in whatever abilities I do possess.

Also, I’ve tried to start up a little business on Ebay selling toys and comics, however the douche baggins collector community fucks any semblance of that ever really happening. Too many whiny little anal retentive collector fucktards who cry if there’s a dent in the box or if there’s a slight scratch on their preciouses. Fuck it, I don’t have time for prima donna little fucks like that. So that’s outta the question.

If there were money in shitty writing or toy photography or podcasting, I might just have some hope. There isn’t though, not unless yer a famous high falutin’ fucker which I ain’t.

My point is that I don’t care if I’m rich, I just wanna be happy once again in my life. It’s been so long that I’ve forgotten what that feels like. It’s a sad confession.

At this point, I just want some titties in my face and a beer in my hand.

Maybe that’ll satiate me for a minute or three.

Beards get you laid? Hahahaha! I call bullshit!

End weird rant/wah wah session

Nerdcave organization. Or lack thereof. Ha! #nerdcave #toycollection #comiccollection #actionfigures #starwars #shogunwarriors #horrortoys #dcuniverseclassics #marvellegends #necatoys #moviemaniacs #transformers #mego #actionfigurephotography #hulk #spiderman #batman #avengers

Nerdcave organization. Or lack thereof. Ha! #nerdcave #toycollection #comiccollection #actionfigures #starwars #shogunwarriors #horrortoys #dcuniverseclassics #marvellegends #necatoys #moviemaniacs #transformers #mego #actionfigurephotography #hulk #spiderman #batman #avengers